Chess Set

Brooklyn-based ceramicist Eleni Kontos eschews traditional chess pieces for unconventional and otherworldly figures in her handmade chess set. Featuring dyed clay pieces and a board with hand-painted gradient details as well as ebru marbling, this set acts as both unique decor and a fun take on a classic game.

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New Storm-Tracking Satellite Will Observe Space Weather Too Headed into space on 1 March, the GOES-T satellite and its arsenal of high-resolution cameras will track storms, wildfires and more in real time across North America. The National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration (NAOA) partnered with NASA to design and construct the satellite, which already has siblings in space. In contrast to previous satellites of this nature, …

150-Year-Old Chess Puzzle Solved

A mathematician from Harvard University named Michael Simkin has (basically) solved the n queens problem, a chess puzzle that’s some 150 years old. The mathematical challenge was created by chess composer Max Bezzel in 1848 and essentially asks “How many queens can you place on a chess board so that none are attacking each other?” Using complex linear algebra, the puzzle has been solved for …