Silk Lantern

From Wing on Wo & Co—the oldest continuously operating store in NYC’s Chinatown and the last one to specialize in Chinese porcelain—comes a series of luscious silk lanterns. Ranging from intricately and decadently detailed with pom poms, to block colors including pastel lime, orange and more, these lanterns enliven any room. Prices range from $25 to $50.

Big Wong Sweater

Represent Mott St’s beloved noodle spot Big Wong with their Made in Chinatown collaboration sweatshirt. Designed by Harry Trinh, the garment is adorned with gold embroidery on the front and with images from the eatery’s menu on the back. Available in small to XL, the classic boxy design is intended for all genders. All proceeds go directly to Big Wong.

Word of Mouth: Chinatown, Los Angeles

Exploring and celebrating the past, present and future of the historic downtown neighborhood

To celebrate LA’s Chinatown, it’s crucial to understand and appreciate its dynamic past. In the 1870s, the original Chinatown began in downtown LA between El Pueblo Plaza and Old Arcadia St and expanded east. In 1931, a California Supreme Court decision upheld the construction of the new Union Station on the site of Old Chinatown, leading to the formation of the Los Angeles Chinatown Project Association …