Tbilisi, Georgia’s Neighboring Stamba Hotel + Rooms Hotel

Two Design Hotels anchor a vibrant and ever-expanding community

Tens of thousands of books greet visitors at the entrance of Tbilisi, Georgia’s Stamba Hotel. Their colorful spines, neatly arranged on floor-to-ceiling bookshelves that mirror the building’s rigid Brutalist exoskeleton, nod to the structure’s history as an illustrious publishing house. Once, some of the most important titles in Georgian literature were printed here. For many years, the building then lay idle. Now, books have returned …

COOL HUNTING Video: Dandelion Chocolate’s New Factory

Increased production will not compromise quality at the multi-purpose Mission District space

With a new factory in San Francisco’s Mission District, Dandelion aims to make even better chocolate in bigger batches

Fossa Chocolate’s Handmade Bars

A collection including everything from luxe and dark to sea-inspired

Handcrafted in Mandai, Singapore, Fossa Chocolate blends the traditional processes of chocolate-making with inventive culinary insight to make bars unlike others—both in appearance and on the palate. Whether it’s a collection of excellent dark options or bars inspired by the sea, they balance the richness and nuances of the cacao with flavors they feel are complementary. With the cacao they source—they sort, roast, crack, winnow, …