Midunu Chocolates’ Bold Truffles Empower Ghanaian Traditions

Crafted by small team of women chocolatiers in Ghana, these daring chocolates are infused with the terroir of Africa

There is nothing timid about Midunu Chocolates. From their array of bold flavor profiles to their mission to empower African economies, this 100% Ghanaian chocolate company is a dynamic force with detailed execution. Each truffle—handcrafted by a small team of women in Ghana—infuses local herbs, teas and spices from the continent. Some of these infusions are expected, like floral South African rooibos tea or Kenyan …

The Bronx’s Sol Cacao Preserves Cocoa Farming History While Looking to The Future

The Maloney brothers weave their Trinidadian roots into their craft chocolate, and want to expand for the next generation

In the Bronx’s historic piano manufacturing district, Port Morris, history is being created once again. Since 2017, the neighborhood’s been home to Sol Cacao—the Bronx’s first bean-to-bar chocolate factory, run by three brothers: Dominic, Nicholas and Daniel Maloney, who are ethically crafting a rare, authentic taste of Caribbean cacao. Despite the fact that this 100% Black-owned company only launched in 2016 (originally in Harlem), Sol …

Single-Origin Truffle Collection

This assortment of single-origin truffles from Dandelion Chocolate continues the brand’s “bean-to-bonbon” mission and comes complete with an illustrated guide to flavors, sources and harvest years. The 15 chocolates have five origins (Belize, Colombia, Ecuador, Madagascar and Tanzania) and several confectionary flavors, including molasses, banana, cream, fudge and even sourdough.