Heather Strange: Ruthless

Baby Alpaca frontman Chris Kittrell returns as Heather Stranger, his moniker for a glitzy solo project that strikes deep. With production by Dave Sitek and Christopher Hines, lead single “Ruthless” tucks Kittrell’s Morrissey-like vocals into thoughtful, pop-friendly instrumentals. Underneath it all, however, is a song about doubt and defying insecurity. A message that works well with the glittery Bryan C. Watkins-directed video.

Premiere: Baby Alpaca’s “We Belong Together”

An atmospheric celebration of love, seen through the faces of many

Off of this year’s vibrant, dreamy Under Water full-length album, “We Belong Together” celebrates love as only LA-based singer/songwriter/musician Baby Alpaca (aka Chris Kittrell) can convey. The thoughtful soundscapes of the track, coupled with lyrics evoking the natural world and inherent romanticism unite for a slow-burning ballad that rises powerfully through to the end. For the video, premiering here, Kittrell chose to acknowledge many of …

Baby Alpaca: Can’t Find My Way

Off of dream-pop band Baby Alpaca’s album Under Water, “Can’t Find My Way” makes for another sweet, soulful single—especially when complemented with the shifting, surreal visuals of their latest music video. Frontman Chris Kittrell strolls across an imagined landscape, singing among wisps of smoke, clouds and rippling water. The video—directed by Kittrell and his boyfriend, visual artist Benjamin Staker—delivers another transportive experience tinged with both …