Clairo: Amoeba

Singer-songwriter Clairo (aka Claire Elizabeth Cottrill) has released her second full-length, Sling, the follow-up her 2019 debut, Immunity. The album—produced by Cottrill and Jack Antonoff—was made in Upstate New York, and inspired by the landscapes and atmosphere there. From the album, “Amoeba” certainly stands out as a vintage-sounding pop song, carried by Cottrill’s gentle vocals. 

Mura Masa feat. Clairo: I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again

Initially more reminiscent of Clairo’s recent work, “I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again” grows into a true duet—with her voice nuzzling seamlessly into Mura Masa’s mold. With sometimes sweet, sometimes distorted vocals by Clairo (aka Claire Cottrill) the song’s video follows suit, with wholesome images in nature becoming glitchy and trippy. All the while, the instrumental builds. With handclaps and a thumping bass-line, …