Pipe Party Workshop

Pipe Party is LA’s first pipe-making workshop from inclusive ceramic studio POT. Open to all skill levels, the class features step-by-step instructions on making and decorating pipes and all the necessary accomanying instruments. It’s a fun, creative way to celebrate cannabis—with the class being BYOB as well as BYOC.

Psychedelic Essentials Bundle

DoubleBlind magazine tells stories through the lens of psychedelics, but they also offer several useful courses for experts and rookies alike. Their Psychedelic Essentials Bundle includes How to Microdose and How to Use Psychedelics. Both courses include plenty of information via video lessons, written materials, legality guides, guided meditations, playlists and access to live-assistance from experts. Additionally, there’s an ever-growing community to join. The aim …

How POT Founder Mandy Kolahi is Democratizing the Ceramic Space

An adult beginners-oriented space run by, and intended for, people of color, the queer community and anybody who has ever felt they weren't welcome

This weekend, on 20 March, POT will release founder Mandy Kolahi’s collection of ceramics celebrating Persian New Year—a selection of blue-glazed pieces that perfectly represent the LA studio. Featuring delightfully snide Farsi phrases often uttered in Kolahi’s family (and in the wider Iranian community), this is the type of pottery that traditionally didn’t “belong” in the institution of art, made by an individual who felt …