Nopalera’s Premium Bath and Body Line, Powered By Cacti

The Mexican botanical-based brand on a mission to decolonize the bath and body industry

In the world of beauty, bath products often take a second seat to cleansers, face masks and makeup but soaps and skincare are essential—and that has become even more apparent in recent years. In fact, it was during these times that Nopalera, a premium bath and body line inspired by Mexico, came to fruition. Having just partnered with Free People this month, Nopalera blends nopal …

Rebundle Makes Hair Extensions From Bananas

While commonly used, synthetic hair is toxic for the environment and detrimental to scalp health. Made from fine plastic fibers—like acrylic, polyester and polyvinyl chloride—that are also reliant on fossil fuels, hair extensions often lead to scalp irritation and inflammation. As Black women who rely on these extensions for cornrows and braids, Ciara Imani May and Danielle Washington know this all too well. That’s why …

SuperDew Highlighter Balm

Made in the US and 100% vegan, this highlighter enhances complexion, making skin look dewy and luminous. It doesn’t just operate at the surface-level, however, it also supports healthy skin to ensure nourishment long after application. Chamomile, green tea extract, jojoba esters and more deliver calming benefits that make SuperDew applicable for all skin types, including flaky, sensitive or eczema-prone skin.