The Savvy Duo


An ideal skincare set for those with sensitive skin, allergies or aversions to scents, The Savvy Duo from Lendava comprises the brand’s lush Good Morning and Good Night face creams. Created to reduce and simplify skincare routines, each cream is designed to work as a potent hybrid serum, oil and moisturizer. Rich with antioxidants, vitamins, ceramides, peptides, as well as humectants and emollients (which attract water molecules, helping to moisturize the skin), the lotions are also microbiome-friendly—meaning they fortify rather than disrupt skin function. Tested on all skin tones and types, these light but nourishing formulas are vegan, clean and free of essential oils and strong fragrances. Each is housed in a sleek, color-coded, refillable sphere-shaped jar.