Matt Taber’s “the world is yours if you are real” at Brooklyn’s The Chimney Gallery

Peek into a 17-foot-high cloud sculpture and explore its relationship to other artworks

Transportive in many ways, artist Matt Taber’s exhibition “the world is yours if you are real” asks visitors to peer inside a cloud sculpture 17 feet off the ground. Metal stairs rise into an off-white room of cotton batting, containing two cloud paintings by the artist. It’s a reprieve and a riddle, an escape pod and an anchor. On now at Brooklyn’s The Chimney gallery, the …

Cloud Nine Neon Light

This retro-future vibed white LED neon cloud light is here to brighten up dreary days. It’s on a clear perspex backing for easy wall-mounting but also looks great floating on shelves and desks. Melbourne-based designer and illustrator Natalie Jarvis also has a boatload of more color-popping neon signs to energize your room: her Electric Confetti designs include peeled bananas, bloomin’ roses, crystal prisms and soft …

Tiny Cloud Lamp

In his Brooklyn studio, designer Richard Clarkson makes fluffy clouds. The Smart Cloud can emulate a storm, with thunder and lightning, and the smaller Tiny Cloud also hides a Bluetooth speaker, flashing along to the music with color-changing lights. Best of all, this ambient lamp triggers feelings of wonder and warmth even when it’s not on.