Seigaiha Dog Collar

Made in Hawaii by Ilio and Co for Portland-based Kiriko, these dog collars use traditional Japanese fabrics for an accessory that’s as sturdy as it is stylish. The brass hardware compliments the prints and this Seigaiha (or “sea and waves”) pattern is our favorite. Two sizes are available—15-inch medium or 19-inch large—along with matching (or mismatching) leashes.

Green Cotton Weave Dog Collar

HINDQUARTERS’ durable yet soft dog collar comes in a rich green hue and five sizes: small, small wide, medium, large, and XL. The dense cotton weave ensures defense against unfavorable weather, mud and dirt, while its marine-grade steel slot-and-lock buckle is corrosion-proof and can withstand machine washing. Hand-engraving on the accompanying tag is available at no additional cost. Price is in Pounds.

Leonard & Church’s New Pet Accessories

The direct-to-consumer brand branches out with products for pooches

Four years ago, Leonard & Church co-founder Arden Cho adopted her Pekingese Shih Tzu mix, Chewy. (This adorable runt of the litter lucked out when she met Cho and now enjoys home-cooked meals, daily walks, and a cozy places to lounge around.) In their time together, Cho has purchased several collars and leashes, but never found one she felt was just right for her pooch. …