Leonard & Church’s New Pet Accessories

The direct-to-consumer brand branches out with products for pooches

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Four years ago, Leonard & Church co-founder Arden Cho adopted her Pekingese Shih Tzu mix, Chewy. (This adorable runt of the litter lucked out when she met Cho and now enjoys home-cooked meals, daily walks, and a cozy places to lounge around.) In their time together, Cho has purchased several collars and leashes, but never found one she felt was just right for her pooch. While Leonard & Church developed direct-to-consumer timepieces, their experience sourcing high-quality leather for watch straps combined with Cho’s wish to find the right accessories for Chewy led to the team designing leather collars and leashes.

Day to day life with a dog helped Cho narrow down the most important components for a good dog collar. “You want durable leather for a dog’s everyday life, but the collars I purchased in the past were all too stiff or thick,” explains Cho. “I could tell she was uncomfortable. The most important factor for creating this new line was to produce soft wearable leather that our furry friends could not only live in, but love to be in: functional and fashionable. We wouldn’t want it any other away and neither would our fur babies.”

Crafted from South American dual-stitched hide leather, herringbone tweed, and plated brass, the new Leonard & Church dog accessories launch today 23 July, with affordable high-quality and comfortable collars and matching leashes. “In the past, I purchased Chewy a lot of collars that were priced high which didn’t equate to high quality,” Cho says. “We all want what’s best for the ones we love.”

Cho aimed to create pet products that would also perform well on larger dogs. “In the design process, we wanted to make sure that we offered options for all breeds and sizes,” she says. “We have our high-quality genuine leather that’s functional, but we also have a unique tweed design that was inspired by our watches. I hadn’t seen them in the market for dogs and knew it was a stylish piece we had to add.”

Cho looks forward to seeing the collars and leashes on dogs all over New York—and beyond. “We care a lot about the quality of our goods and this continues to be reflected in this line of collars and leashes. I’m incredibly happy with the results and can’t wait to see them in action on all the dogs we love.”

Leonard & Church collars are $65 and leashes are $75. They will be available beginning today on their website.

Images courtesy of Leonard & Church