Happy Birthday to Us!

My accelerated perception of time keeps me on my toes, but today it just has me stunned. CH is officially three years old! Check out what caught my (our) fancy in February 2003, February 2004 and February 2005. A huge thanks to all the contributors, friends, family, readers and sponsors who have helped make CH all that it is!

Little Traitor

As some of you may have noticed, contributor Carol T Chung no longer resides in New York City. Although we miss her dearly, we wish her the best of luck on her chosen career path in the video game industry with Perpetual Entertainment (lucky them). But never fear, we haven’t lost her yet. Our grip is still firmly in place. As a new resident of …


Check out j3tlag, the latest travel site dedicated to news and info for global rompers. We're please to be helping them out as contributors, including this week's lead story on the latest Absolut Icebar installation in London.