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Ari K is down in Miami at the M3 (Miami, Music, Multimedia) conference. He's done us a favor and put up a blog to report on all the festivities. We'll put up a highlights post when the conference is all over, but for a play-by-play go to Nu Groove.

What's Ari's schtick? Bio after the jump.

Colombian native Ari Kuschnir is a mindfully enthusiastic creative producer. At 24, Ari has challenged himself repeatedly to sharpen his skill at whatever happens to be inspiring him at the moment. The result has created a nascent artist who can find the perfect song on vinyl, shoot the music video, coordinate the behind the scenes documentary, manage the egos, light the scene, develop the print, edit the footage, package it up, sell it, and suggest the best wine, beer, food and venue for the after party where you will find him controlling the selection and amplitude of music that you’ve probably never heard before. You can catch Ari somewhere between producing innovative projects with [m ss ng p eces] business partner Scott Thrift in New York, editing music videos for MVJET Productions or spinning records at local [Miami] high profile venues and also at 88.9 FM WDNA in his new time slot Saturdays from 4 to 6pm.  


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