New Cookbooks from Los Angeles

Stories from the thriving Southern California culinary scene

The recent opening of Now Serving Cookbook & Culinary Shop brings together the best books by Los Angeles chefs and food writers, as well as a carefully curated selection of cookbooks highlighting food from around the world. Ken Conception and Michelle Mungcal opened their Chinatown store in a complex that’s already popular with food adventurers willing to stand in line at Howling Ray’s for Nashville …

Celebrating Women in Food with Cherry Bombe: The Cookbook

Founders Claudia Wu and Kerry Diamond on what makes a recipe special

In the first Cherry Bombe cookbook (launching today), chefs, writers, bakers, pastry chefs, and food stylists share some recipes and stories that inspired a favorite dish. Founders Claudia Wu and Kerry Diamond—known for their stylish magazine celebrating women and food—have included 100+ recipes in the hardcover and begin the book with a question: “What makes a recipe special and truly worth your time?” With nine …

Salad for President: A Cookbook Inspired by Artists

Author Julia Sherman's collection of more than 75 recipes drawn from the creative world

After years developing and sharing a sensory collaboration unlike any other, author and artist Julia Sherman has reshaped her famed Salad for President blog into book form. “Salad for President: A Cookbook Inspired by Artists” incorporates a little bit of everything that one fell in love with on Sherman’s site. There’s visually stunning food photography, thoughtful interviews with artists and those living artistic lifestyles, and …

Four New Cook Books for Fall

From the non-traditional to vegetarian and scientific, these recipes will entice home chefs

While it’s—for better or worse—known for pumpkin spiced everything, fall is also when some of our favorite ingredients come back in season and the weather cools down enough for us to consider using our ovens again. With that in mind, we have chosen four new cook books that we’re testing out. From health-focused recipes to mostly vegetarian to science-based formulas, the selection is diverse, but …

The Unappropriated Recipes

A tome celebrating Hong Kong, “The Unappropriated Recipes” by Para Site (the city’s impressive art center) features artist-imagined recipes uniting for a unique concept cookbook. From fortune-telling with spaghetti sticks, to “power socio-political movements with activist ingredients” and more, it’s part food, part art, and all a love letter to the vibrant city of Hong Kong. Find out more, or get involved, at Kickstarter.