Amish Popcorn Library

Packed inside this “Amish Popcorn Library” are 12 separately packaged varietals of corn grown in Indiana’s Amish country. Each four ounce bag is one serving—enough for a few light snackers or one hungry human. They’re non-GMO, tender and colorful alternatives to the industrialized kernels inside supermarket bags. And, you’re purchasing directly from a family farm when you buy a box—Brian Lehman’s to be exact.

Cut From Corn Tortillas, Cabo Chips

Debuting two new adventurous flavors—churro and mango lime chili—for a crowd-pleasing party snack

Not much has changed since we first discovered Cabo Chips in 2006—which is good news for fans of the healthy 100% whole grain snack. The Newport Beach, CA-based company channels the spirit of a Mexican beachside cantina in a bag, all without relying on artificial flavorings, food additives or trans fat. The chips are made the traditional way: cut from fresh corn tortillas into thick …

Kuhn Rikon Corn Twister

A safe, hassle-free tool designed to strip fresh kernels off the cob for your summer recipes

Grilled corn on the cob is a summer BBQ staple, but fresh corn “off” the cob can be even more versatile, adding color and sweetness to any dish from breakfast to dinner. Providing an alternative to the cumbersome, messy and semi-risky method of removing corn kernels with a knife, the Corn Twister was designed by Swiss kitchenware company Kuhn Rikon, who is known for quality …