Daisy Harris-Burland Turns Recycled Materials into Couture Fashion

A glimpse at one of Tiger Beer's "Uncaged" artists and an opportunity to join in the program

“I want people to be stunned by my work before they realize what it’s made out of,” fashion designer Daisy Harris-Burland says. The co-founder of Dumpster Design (and “Radical Designer of The Year” according to the UK Fashion Design Council) Harris-Burland crafts striking, extravagant and future-forward couture pieces—from materials she’s salvaged. In so many ways her work defies the age of fast fashion that’s grabbed …

Yves Saint Laurent

Go backstage with Roxanne Lowit as she shares her personal photographic history with the legendary designer in this beautiful collection of images from the first time they met in 1978 to his final show in 2002. With contributions from some of YSL’s greatest admirers and muses, this photo book is an intimate tribute to one of the most recognized names in fashion.

Mother of Pearl + Richard Saja for Fall 2014

British brand taps the Brooklyn-based embroidery artist for a hybrid between couture and sportswear

In a world over-saturated with half-baked fashion collaborations, there are very few stories as compelling as that of Mother of Pearl, the British luxe sportswear line founded by Maia Norman in 2010. Rather than using collaborations as a thinly veiled marketing technique, the brand has made them part of their DNA, creating an intriguing alternative to the limited edition model by working with a new …