Style on the go with an app designed for fashion experiments


Like a fantasy wardrobe on your iPhone, the new high fashion styling app FIGR allows users to playfully experiment with the latest runway looks and street style ensembles with the swipe of a finger. The app contains a large, consistently-updated library of images culled from reputable fashion blogs and ready-to-wear shows, which have been divided into four segments following the female form. Users can toggle through headwear, shirts, pants, shoes and more to randomly assemble an outfit based upon the season’s most current attire, like a digital set of paper dolls. When new brands and collections are introduced within the app, users receive a push notification and can re-style previous looks or start anew.

Figur-2b.jpg Figr-2a.jpg

“The focus will always be about aspiration and inspiration,” states Director of Communications Lauren Levinger. Practical but also creative, FIGR is beyond a styling tool. Its social elements allow you to save and share your selections with friends and the greater FIGR community. The app aims to “make mobile fashion matter.” Although currently it can be a little glitchy and the images don’t always align perfectly, with its access and ease of use, it can make digital dressing both meaningful and fun. Already having landed designer Alexander Wang and style blogger The Man Repeller as partners, the options for shaping and styling will continue to grow.

Already a featured application in Apple’s Lifestyle section, you can download FIGR for free at the iTunes store.

Images courtesy of Figr