Dandelion Chocolate’s Two-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cup

Perhaps the newest and purest way to enjoy an old favorite

Dandelion Chocolate, one of our favorite collaborators and bean-to-bar makers, continues to inspire us with their dedication to crafting chocolate that’s simple to understand though oftentimes complicated to create. Their new Two-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cup (which could very well be the world’s first) is made of just 100% Ecuadorian Camino Verde cocoa beans and roasted Valencia peanuts. That’s it. There is no added sugar and, …

COOL HUNTING Video: Dandelion Chocolate’s New Factory

Increased production will not compromise quality at the multi-purpose Mission District space

With a new factory in San Francisco’s Mission District, Dandelion aims to make even better chocolate in bigger batches

CH Omakase 2017: Port of Mokha Coffee Beans and Dandelion Collaboration

High-quality products with a rich history in a tasty sampler set that will feed more than your mouth

Port of Mokha makes some of the most extraordinary coffee we’ve tasted—grown in Yemen, and roasted in Oakland. Beginning in the 16th century, for some 150 years, Yemen was the exclusive coffee supplier to the rest of the world. This incredibly rich heritage was given new life in 2013 when Yemeni-American Mokhtar Alkhanshali tasted the first coffee he ever enjoyed and became obsessed—from studies to …