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Atmospheric electronic, laidback hip-hop and robotic rock in this week's music

MF DOOM: Lunch Break A new song on the FlyLo FM station featured in the updated Grand Theft Auto V, “Lunch Break” opens with MF DOOM’s inimitable voice over a beat by Flying Lotus (aka Steven Ellison, founder of Brainfeeder). The laidback tune is accompanied on the station by music from Dilla, Thundercat, Freddie Gibbs, Shabazz Palaces and Channel Tres. DARKSIDE: Liberty Bell Electronic duo …

DARKSIDE: Liberty Bell

Electronic duo Darkside—aka Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington—will be releasing Spiral in 2021, their first album together since Psychic came out seven years ago. From it comes the dark, downtempo “Liberty Bell,” which blends jangly, twangy elements with atmospheric electronic, tinges of psychedelia and Jaar’s mellow vocals.


Casey Spooner's #PrivateJam, Darkside's final tunes, Lauryn Hill sings about racism in the US and more in the music we tweeted this week

Gorgeous Children: How We Do It Starting out with playful tooting and honking that sounds like it belongs in an old-fashioned animation, Gorgeous Children’s “How We Do It” quickly morphs into a breezy, but ultimately sex-driven song. Made up of rapper Face Vega and producer Gilamonsta, the hip-hop duo is signed to Jacques Greene’s label Vase. With Vega’s occasionally breathy, bravado-heavy vocals gliding perfectly atop …