Beyonce: Drunk in Love (Brenmar and Finesse remix)

Casey Spooner's #PrivateJam, Darkside's final tunes, Lauryn Hill sings about racism in the US and more in the music we tweeted this week

Casey Spooner, frontman of Fischerspooner, brought us this week’s #PrivateJam during an interview about his upcoming book (stay tuned for that soon). He tells us that he’s admittedly all over the place musically, but: “I’m currently listening to a really weird combination. I’m still into the new Beyonce record, but am also into this weird French electronic music from a producer called French Fries—it’s super minimal techno, no vocals, very empty, incredible on the dance floor. Then I found this “Drunk in Love” remix by Brenmar and Fiinesse—it’s so good. Super Hard. So the two things kind of merge.”