Dean Blunt feat. Panda Bear: Moments

From experimental mastermind Dean Blunt’s new mixtape ZUSHI!, “Moments” strips down to minimal but warm psychedelic accompaniment and lets the voice of Panda Bear (aka Animal Collective’s Noah Lennox) mesmerize. It’s the shorter of two Lennox collaborations on the release, and follows up Blunt’s appearance in, and direction of, Lennox’s “Token” video earlier this year.

18+: Drama (Babyfather Meditation Mix VIP)

In “Drama,” the lead single off of the their album Collect, Honolulu-based Samia mutters sweet phrases sporadically between Berlin-based Justin’s measured raps. Together, they make incredibly sexy tunes—full of space and sweat to grind to—under the name 18+, and Dean Blunt’s still newish Babyfather chose this track to be their first-ever remix. The “post hip-hop group’s” Meditation Mix VIP adds a British accented stream-of-consciousness voiceover …