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Ichendorf Milano

Oil Bottle


From the Travasi collection, designed by Milan-based Astrid Luglio for Ichendorf Milano, comes the Oil Bottle. The collection’s name comes from “travasare,” meaning to decant, and this vessel is intended for oil …

Ichendorf Milan

Travasi Decanter


Founded roughly 100 years ago in a small town near Cologne (with a Milan-based “style center” opened in 1991), Ichendorf Milano blends traditional glassware techniques with modern design. In their Travasi Decanter, …

Vaso Vino


Designed by Daniele ‘Danne’ Semeraro for Sempli, the Vaso Vino decanter aerates wine—up to an entire bottle’s worth—in a striking and uncommonly tilted shape. The hand-blown, lead-free crystal decanter carefully rests on …

Decanter Bacchus


Decanting a wine allows for a cleaner tasting experience—something invaluable with either very young or high tannin wines. With their Bacchus decanter, luxury Austrian glassware brand Riedel draws inspiration from the history …

Etched Globe Spirits Decanter


Nothing showcases the hue of an aged spirit quite like a decanter. Whether one wants to show off cognac, scotch or rum, the etched globe decanter from Bourbon & Boots delivers a …

Series B Wine Decanter


Handcrafted by Austrian glassworks Lobmeyr, the glass comprising architect and designer Josef Hoffmann’s “B Series” decanter is so thin, it’s dubbed “muslin” for its likeness to the French fabric. First blown into …



Formafantasma took on the daunting task of beautifying water filtration and succeeded to the extreme. The Still purifier combines an engraved crystal decanter with copper attachments and utilizes active charcoal to elevate …

Flask Angelic Bottle


When asked to describe his work with one word, LA-based glassblower Joe Cariati says, air. Free of intricate surface details or ornate etchings, Cariati’s style allows the medium speak for itself, especially …

Cool Breather Carafe


In just a mere two minutes, Menu & Norm’s Cool Breather Wine Carafe aerates and cools a 1-liter bottle of wine to perfectly chilly 41 degrees Fahrenheit.