An Open Call For Design Feedback at The Forward Festival Online

Acclaimed designer Stefan Sagmeister will offer guidance to emerging creatives at this inaugural event

Sponsored by the Forward Festival

As part of the inaugural Forward Festival Online (12-13 March), acclaimed Austrian design storyteller and typographer Stefan Sagmeister will headline an inspirational talk about the division of design and art, and the anchors of functionality and purpose. Sagmeister’s vision is uncompromising, be that his contributions to the design and art direction of a watch we’ve long cherished, the Ressence Type 3X, or the whimsy of his reflective Illy …

Highlights from Milan Design Week’s Decade of Ventura Projects

The imaginative Ventura Centrale and Ventura Future will return no more

Margriet Vollenberg, founder and art director of Ventura Projects (a forum for international creatives looking to launch during Milan Design Week these last 11 years), announced to the design community that her beloved series of events, installations and activations would cease. After the cancellation of the 11th edition (due to the pandemic) this year, Vollenberg was unable to salvage her company, which organized Ventura Centrale, …

Stockholm Design Week: The Archive Exhibition

Gloriously subtle and sophisticated objects made by Japanese and Danish designers

At this year’s Stockholm Design Week, Japanese studios Ariake and 2016/Arita collaborated with Danish design houses LE KLINT and Friends and Founders to present The Archive‘s exhibition—a standout and reflection of just how well their respective design aesthetics complement each other. The exhibition, curated by Hanna Nova Beatrice and styled by Annaleena Leino, was in the gorgeous Old National Archives (aka Gamla Riksarkivet) in Stockholm’s Old …