Design Indaba 2019: Orange Culture’s Adebayo Oke-Lawal

This Nigerian designer wants to change the way we look at the bigger picture, all through fashion

Orange Culture‘s founder and designer, Adebayo Oke-Lawal, is adamant that he didn’t simply build a brand, but a movement that goes beyond stereotypes surrounding masculinity and African heritage. Born and raised in Nigeria, Oke-Lawal created the label to start a new dialogue rather than add to the noise. And, as he made clear at this year’s Design Indaba, that’s exactly what he’s doing. “It’s more …

Studio Visit: Fameed Khalique

Surface materials galore inside the designer's West London treasure trove

“Some of the projects that you want to cry over are the projects that no one will ever see”

Designer Gogo Ferguson Looks to Cumberland Island, Georgia for Inspiration

Exploring the designer's home and heritage-inspired jewelry line

For Gogo Ferguson, nature is as essential to her work work as air to her lungs. While the overarching beauty of earth inspires her, there is one island that’s at the core of her work and life. Cumberland Island is, still today, a nearly untouched destination off the coast of Georgia. Wild horses roam freely, wildlife thrives, and the beaches are often uninhabited. At the …