El Catire Domino Set

The El Catire set from Luxe Dominoes is a sophisticated collection of crisp, black and white dominoes with a dark green-tinted rack. They’re designed to be played and displayed, and it’s evident in the intricate details of each domino (including gold adornment), as well as their case. Invite over an opponent and pull this off the shelf, not out of the junk drawer.

Tabletop Games’ The Grid Game

Applying to rules of Dominoes to a color-patterned competitive puzzle

With 88 three-dimensional hexagonal tiles, The Grid Game is a strategic board game unlike any other. The rules of game play make reference to a few other favorites, but as far as an aesthetically-driven tabletop competition this is entirely unique. A team of friends spent over three years developing, designing and testing the game—and finding ideal materials and colors. Now it’s ready for production and, …

Keith Haring Dominos

Made in France, this wooden domino set features bright and playful artwork by iconic NYC pop artist Keith Haring. With a non-toxic finish, the pieces are for all ages, but certainly more significant to those who understand the importance that Haring’s name bears. With angels, dogs and dancing chickens, these dominos will have you smiling even when they all fall down.