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Tabletop Games’ The Grid Game

Applying to rules of Dominoes to a color-patterned competitive puzzle

With 88 three-dimensional hexagonal tiles, The Grid Game is a strategic board game unlike any other. The rules of game play make reference to a few other favorites, but as far as an aesthetically-driven tabletop competition this is entirely unique. A team of friends spent over three years developing, designing and testing the game—and finding ideal materials and colors. Now it’s ready for production and, as we sat down for our first game, it proves itself to be fun for all ages.

The rules hinge upon matching, much like a game of Dominoes. Tiles are divided up equally between the players. A move involves one player placing down a piece that matches one side of two other tiles in both color and angle. To throw a kink into the system, certain tiles have black portions dedicated to blocking other players’ moves and some are of varying heights. The first to play all of their pieces wins. It may sound simple, but as usable pieces dwindle it becomes ever-more challenging. The end result also happens to be quite visually stunning—much like a completed, 3D jigsaw puzzle.

The Grid Game is up on Kickstarter now, where a $55 pledge scores a set, if the campaign receives full funding. Delivery is expected in September 2017.

Product images by Josh Rubin, process images provided by the brand


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