Bronze Bones

A limited-edition set of dominoes fit for a king

bronze-bones2.jpg bronze-bones3.jpg

Dominoes’ historically royal roots—they were discovered in King Tut’s tomb and played for centuries by Chinese emperors—are often forgotten since today, “bones” are frequently played on the streets of Brooklyn and the back rooms of bars. While there’s no discounting the standard double-six set gracing most tables, the limited-edition Bronze Bones set designed by the clever trio behind The Principals for The World’s Best Ever definitely puts a regal spin back on the classic game.


The geometric bones are each machined by hand in blackened bronze and feature rectangular grooves in place of the standard circles. Packed in a hollowed-out leather-bound book, the sexy 28-piece set comes with a score pad, pencil and sleek sharpener. The unique design may take players more time to read, but that just leaves more time for shit-talking—a major part of any good game of bones. Best of all, these heavy gems are the perfect weight to slam down with proper force when you’re making a major play.

bronze-bones4.jpg bronze-bones5.jpg

Having just launched at the Mondrian South Beach during Art Basel, Bronze Bones are now available for $1,500—check out the dedicated website for purchasing information.

All images by Walling McGarity Photography.