Limited Edition Patchwork Shirt

Made in the Thomas Pink workshop in London’s Vauxhall neighborhood, the limited-edition Patchwork collection brings together surplus fabrics (reducing waste in the process). These 100% cotton shirts, in relaxed silhouettes, play upon the traditional striped dress-shirt style with charm. There are only 30 shirts available in each style, however. Price is in Pounds.

Sizing Right with Stantt’s Dress and Casual Shirts

Three simple measurements and an algorithm produce a tailored top

For the past few years, it’s been hard to distinguish between all the new companies offering made-to-measure shirts (we’ve had great experiences with J Hilburn and Ratio Clothing). NYC-based Stantt’s strength is in convenience; just take three measurements and then let their DataFit tech do the work. Stantt launched last year, armed with an algorithm built from thousands of different body scans. Simply input the …

Chicago’s Glass House Shirtmakers

Top quality shirting crafted stateside from sustainable materials

As recently discussed, the role of the collared shirt within a wardrobe changes considerably with each generation. While they still carry a dressier cache and remain an essential component for most suits, collared shirts are also everyday wear for many, and lend a refined touch to a casual look. Chicago’s Glass House Shirtmakers understands this. Their American-made, small-batch offerings play between formal and casual. And …