Sizing Right with Stantt’s Dress and Casual Shirts

Three simple measurements and an algorithm produce a tailored top

For the past few years, it’s been hard to distinguish between all the new companies offering made-to-measure shirts (we’ve had great experiences with

J Hilburn and Ratio Clothing). NYC-based Stantt’s strength is in convenience; just take three measurements and then let their DataFit tech do the work.

Stantt launched last year, armed with an algorithm built from thousands of different body scans. Simply input the three measurements (chest, waist and sleeve) and you’ll be matched with one of 75 different dress shirt sizes they offer—which will most likely fit better than the “medium” you just pulled off the rack. They are now offering new styles beyond their $98 dress shirts (which are made-to-order in a factory in Central America). Using the same algorithm, Stantt will be making pima cotton T-shirts (in crewneck and V-neck), pima cotton polos and softer, pre-washed buttoned shirts to fit your never-average body.

Expected to deliver this October 2016, Stantt’s new casual options start at $33 and up, with special early-bird pricing via their Kickstarter campaign.

Images courtesy of Stantt