Rosé Wine Pioneer Maison Mirabeau’s Expectation-Defying Pink Riviera Gin

An elegant, herbaceous tipple that's challenging people to think differently about the category

Cocktail connoisseurs and refined spirits drinkers may bristle at the sight of  pink gin, despite its pretty hue. Such coloring often alludes to a syrupy consistency or an overt sweetness, with the latter coming from an infusion of fruits or rhubarb. These “flavored” attributes, however, are antithetical to those of Riviera Gin, an herbaceous pale pink dry gin from the team behind Maison Mirabeau, one of the …

Girly Drinks: A World History of Women and Alcohol

Between the gender disparity in distilleries and cocktails that are associated with femininity, the culture of drinking has long been patriarchally dictated. Mallory O’Meara’s Girly Drinks forces a reckoning with this gendered divide, shedding light on the overlooked women behind breweries and booze. From an ancient Sumerian beer goddess to the iconic bartender Ada Coleman, this book reveals the feminist history within alcohol.

Inside Northern Ireland’s Bushmills Distillery

Master blender Alex Thomas walks us through the facility and explains how part of her job is blending the brand's history with the future

The idyllic River Bush laps close to the walls of the Old Bushmills Distillery Co. With a 400-year history of making whiskey with this water, not only is Bushmills the oldest licensed distillery in Ireland, but also the longest-running one in the world. Its new distillery building—opening in 2022—proves, however, that the brand continues to evolve. To learn more, we visited the site for a tour and …