Venice Biennale 2019: The Art of Leftovers

From ceramic clothes to an inside-out plane, powerful pieces that use repurposed materials

Considering this year’s Venice Biennale title, “May you live in interesting times,” it makes perfect sense that many artists addressed human impact on the environment. To combat our excessive consumption and unending creation of waste, sustainable solutions are constantly created—or attempted. Perhaps the most common theme we found at this year’s event is one of upcycling and repurposing goods, from fish nets to discarded clothing. Here are …

Artists and Designers React to Brexit

With emotions running high across the Western world in reaction to the UK’s decision to leave the EU, artists and designers have done what they do best: convey feelings through images. With responses ranging from angry to humorous and heartbroken—it seems the overarching belief in the UK creative community was to remain. See more at It’s Nice That.

How Empowerment Became a Purchasable Product

Originally used by social workers to encourage marginalized communities to rise up from poverty and oppression, the term “empowerment” has taken on completely different definitions in recent years. It’s been transformed into a mass-marketing tactic—especially when pertaining to women—flaunted by corporations (like the #StrengthHasNoGender campaign from Brawny paper towels, a company owned by Koch Brothers who have spent millions funding anti-abortion programs) with the sole …