Nothing Left but Healing

A 71-person group book celebrating Pomegranate Press—a Richmond, Virginia-based independent publishing house for contemporary photography, writing and more—Nothing Left but Healing features a plethora of different pieces across its 150 pages. Within the smyth-sewn book are alluring portraits, microphotography, landscapes and more enchanting works.

Blockchain Chicken Farm

From chickens with QR codes to AI systems that farm pigs, the essay collection Blockchain Chicken Farm explains and interrogates how technology and agriculture intertwine in rural China. On the surface, coder and writer Xiaowei Wang’s fascinating compilation charts how rural locations—contrary to stereotypes—have become sites of rapid technological innovation. More broadly, Wang dissects the ideologies behind tech companies that are shaping the world today, the …

Men Explain Things to Me

Writer, historian and activist Rebecca Solnit’s Men Explain Things to Me captures the gender dynamics that haunt conversations between men and women. With acuity and humor, Solnit delves into mansplaining, why it occurs and the continuing pertinence of resisting misogyny wherever it arises. This updated edition comprises seven sharp essays.