Holiday Gift Guides 2021: Bookworms

Fiction, fantasy, fairytales, food, photography and beyond in our first guide for the season

From enthralling novels to informative tomes and inspiring bedtime stories, there’s nothing as alluring as a good book. This Bookworms gift guide includes everything from magical realism to memoirs, classic literature, politics, poetry and beyond. Plus, there are photo-filled art and design books, travel guides and zines. Whether buying for kids or grown-ups, there’s countless worlds to explore (as well as book-centric products) for the …

Open Water

There is some prose that, upon reading a single sentence, immediately strikes a chord. Caleb Azumah Nelson’s writing is like that. Whether describing a serendipitous glance between two unwitting lovers or the uncontrollable urge to surrender the self to a new crush, Nelson’s debut novel Open Water palpably captivates, as it tells a soulful story of two young Black artists in London who fall in and …

The Recent East: A Novel

Through illuminating prose, Thomas Grattan masterfully chronicles the story of Beate Haas and her two children—as they grapple with the concepts of home, togetherness, personal identity and queerness—in his epic debut novel, The Recent East. Grattan’s distinct narrative voice brings these characters to life, across decades and under remarkable circumstances.