Skittle Thermos Flask

Designed by Lund London, this playful 500ml reusable flask is made from recycled metal and available in five colors. The double-walled interior (crafted from high-grade stainless steel) keeps liquids warm for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours, and it’s all closed with a vacuum-sealed lid. The playful colors—from bubblegum blue to retro-inspired pastels—add to the vessel’s charm. Price is in Pounds.

The Macallan + URWERK Dual Tank Flask

Discommon produces a state-of-the-art titanium accessory designed by the luxury watchmaker for the prestige Scotch

All tenured spirits drinkers will tell of the importance of drinking vessels. While the technically superior The Macallan + URWERK Flask hasn’t been designed to maximize the notes of the Scotch whisky within, it’s by far the most inventive item in this product category. Designed and engineered by innovative Swiss watchmaker URWERK, and produced by Discommon, and all at the behest of CH favorite The …

Flask Angelic Bottle

When asked to describe his work with one word, LA-based glassblower Joe Cariati says, air. Free of intricate surface details or ornate etchings, Cariati’s style allows the medium speak for itself, especially in his set of glass decanters. Keen colors on impossibly thin, smoothly rounded vessels showcases the beauty of air, mixed with light.