The Macallan + URWERK Dual Tank Flask

Discommon produces a state-of-the-art titanium accessory designed by the luxury watchmaker for the prestige Scotch

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All tenured spirits drinkers will tell of the importance of drinking vessels. While the technically superior The Macallan + URWERK Flask hasn’t been designed to maximize the notes of the Scotch whisky within, it’s by far the most inventive item in this product category. Designed and engineered by innovative Swiss watchmaker URWERK, and produced by Discommon, and all at the behest of CH favorite The Macallan, this state-of-the-art accessory is more than just a well-machined dual tank flask—it’s a dynamic carrier with information on what’s inside kept handy.

Two years of development went into the flask—and ultimately 156 components. Hewn from aluminum, titanium and stainless steel, the flask’s exterior conceals two tanks within—accessible by a spring-loaded mouthpiece that switches compartments. To bolster stability when resting upright, the flask comes complete with two deployable winglets, launched by a push button. Perhaps most innovative here is the ability to label what rests within. A rotating indicator allows users to select the age statement of each, and the type of cask it was aged in. While that might be most intriguing to us, the design team at URWERK mentioned something else that’s valuable: it’s easy to store your favorite Macallan for yourself and discreetly switch the mouthpiece to the other compartment before passing along to a friend.

Discommon produced only 500 of the flasks which are available online now (and selling quickly) for £2,000.

Images courtesy of The Macallan