Atmospheric Mix Seed Bundle

Plantgem’s Atmospheric Mix Seed Bundle makes cultivating a dreamy and co-ordinated garden easy. Comprising the sophisticated moonstone aster, delicate xanthos cosmos, textured starflower scabiosa and more, the bundle is full of beguiling plants that can grow anywhere in the US. Paired with PlantGem’s gardening instructions, these florals are as sensational as they are straightforward.

Acquedotto Vase

Barcelona-based DOIY deals in surprising and thoughtful homewares, and their Acquedotto vase is no exception. Modeled after a Roman arch, the ceramic vessel blends architecture into a floral display. It’s available as either a single arch in pink or a double arch in purple with both featuring colorful marbled patterns.

Large Kenzan Set

For dazzling, gravity-defying bouquets, Plantgem’s kenzan set is a sturdy yet delicate holder for the Japanese art of flower arranging, ikebana. A kenzan (“sword mountain” in Japanese) fixes flowers to a specific spot as spikes within the item keep stems in place. This large rust-proof set uses brass pins to provide solid support while being small enough for fragile blooms. Made in Japan, this kenzan …