Contemporary Artist Jojo Anavim Collaborates With Floral Innovator Venus ET Fleur

50 limited edition, hand-painted and diamond-dusted boxes filled with the brand's eternity roses

Developed over two years, contemporary artist Jojo Anavim‘s 50 unique, hand-painted flower boxes for Venus ET Fleur marry the spirit of neo-expressionist paintings with iconic commercial and editorial imagery from the ’50s through the ’70s. The limited edition collaboration carries the brand’s proprietary Eternity Roses—real roses that stay fresh and soft for up to a year, if taken care of according to the included guidelines. Each fragrant arrangement pairs with the palate of its circular Parisian-style box, which Anavim’s highlighted with nothing short of a 360-degree visual journey. Finally, the entire bundle—both pop art piece and bouquet—has been accented by diamond dust.

“I was always interested in executing my artwork on a surface other than a conventional canvas,” Anavim explains to us. “The collaboration allowed me, for the first time, to create unique works that are sculptural in nature. Each box re-presents as a new work of art depending on the viewers perspective. Aesthetically, they liven up any room both visually and aromatically. They’re fun, seductive, realistic and dreamlike all at once,” he adds. It’s this multi-sensory stimulation—as well as the elegant, nostalgic allusion to vintage ephemera—that attracts, tantalizes and ultimately lends value for a very long time.

Each collaborative box can be purchased online for $1495.

Images courtesy of Venus ET Fleur