Soup + Salmon Gift Box

Dinner at the campsite can be meaningful as it is nourishing. Outdoor brand Patagonia’s purposeful food line Provisions is offering meals that are surprisingly both delicious and good for you, while being sensitive to the environment and investing in conservation efforts. The lightly smoked wild sockeye salmon can be eaten straight from the pouch, or warmed up along with filling organic whole grain and vegetable …

Pantone Café, Monaco

The seasonal pop-up serves a simple but bold color-coded menu

For its second year, Pantone Café once again sets up shop this summer in Monaco. Though it’s a stripped-down menu of coffee, drinks, sandwiches and desserts, it’s a fascinating exercise in color psychology and how simple yet bold visual presentation can heighten all of the senses—and also cause an Instagram frenzy. The color-coded menu features items named after its color or specific ingredient, and of …

Where to Eat Pizza

If your first waking thought in a strange city is “Where’s the good pizza?!” then Phaidon’s hardback guide has you covered. Consider it the compass that points toward mouthwatering slices of goodness. A whopping 1,700 vetted locations around the world are listed; chefs, critics and industry experts offer not only their honest opinions but some secret ingredients among other pizza knowledge, too.