Arzach Incense

From Melbourne, Australia-based, alien-themed incense brand Agaric Fly comes the Arzach set of 15 hand-dipped incense sticks with a fragrance that blends clary sage, white tea and labdanum. Agaric Fly’s in-house scents incorporate natural oils and aroma molecules to create relaxing moments that feel almost otherworldly.

Zipper Candle

From Philadelphia-based YOWIE (helmed by Shannon Maldonado), the Zipper Candle is a reminder to open up to the unknown. A smoky yet slightly sweet aroma is bolstered by notes of black pepper and bergamot, together conjuring up a mysterious, beguiling fragrance that hints at exploration. The soy candle’s sleek, black packaging further imbues the Zipper with an air of intrigue.

Marble Fruit Candle

Launching today, the Marble Fruit candle from cult-followed, queer-owned fragrance brand Boy Smells is born from the perfume of the same name (launched last year) and incorporates all the same delicious notes. It’s a blend of fruity, floral, musky and woody scents, creating a combination that’s rich and complex without being muddled or overpowering. In June and July, Boy Smells will donate 15% of the …