Creating Computers Out of Mushrooms

Researchers at the Unconventional Computing Laboratory are exploring the potential to build computers out of living systems in order to create more complex machines. Current technology operates in binaries despite the fact that much of the world is more multidimensional. In comparison, computers potentially made from fungi—with its intricate, branching structure—could offer a new way of processing information. To create them, researchers have tapped into …

Mushroom Rain

Laura K Zimmermann’s magical children’s book Mushroom Rain glows with dazzling fungi illustrations by Jamie Green. The fascinating, informative work includes insight on the mysterious power of mushrooms, from helping to create rain to smelling like bubblegum. With lyrical descriptions as well as additional facts and activities in the back matter, the book is an enchanting and educational tour of ecology.

Mojo’s Gummies Harness the Power of Microdosing for Everyday Use

The world's first legal microdose alternative now comes in a micro and macro form

While magic mushrooms do open a doorway to a psychedelic world, many people take them in order to enter the elusive flow state: a period of feeling present, creative, clear-headed and energized. This is commonly achieved through microdosing, but now there is a new way to feel these effects without psilocybin. Mojo, a product from Gwella (an organization dedicated to exploring mushrooms), is the world’s …