A Coffee Table Made From Fallen Ash Trees

An incredible 95% of the 36 million trees that topple or are intentionally felled every year in the US end up in landfill, largely because incentivizes exist to get rid of fallen trees quickly rather than to give the materials to local millers who could make use of the timber. NYC’s Sabai, a women-led furniture startup, is looking to change that. Their upcoming City Table, …

Poltrona Frau Celebrates 110 Years With Felipe Pantone Collaboration

Visiting the Italian factory where these bold anniversary pieces are made

In 1912, Sardinian-born Renzo Frau founded Poltrona Frau, one of the most respected and well-known companies in Italian design and manufacturing. Named for its founder and the Italian word for chair, the Turin-born brand has built a strong reputation throughout the world, especially for its 21-step leather-tanning process. To celebrate the brand’s 110th anniversary, Argentinian-Spanish artist Felipe Pantone—whose work leverages a decidedly digital aesthetic, seemingly …

Slotted System Bookcase 2

BOOK/SHOP’s second iteration of their Slotted System Bookcase features clean lines that create a stylish, sculptural shelf which can be used alone or in rows. Capable of holding paperbacks, large art books and LPs, the bookcase is produced in California from USA-made steel. Available in pure orange or white, it can be mixed and matched for a striking look.