Holiday Gift Guides 2021: Plant Parenthood

Ideas for green thumbs, plant killers, aspiring gardeners and anybody else who wants to be surrounded by lush, living and breathing plants

There’s nothing quite like a home garden—whether it’s on a vast estate with acres of redwoods, a courtyard with a blossoming jacaranda or in a tiny NYC apartment with a few monsteras. If you’re shopping for a green thumb who is creating, maintaining and enjoying their own personal jungle, our Plant Parenthood gift guide contains all kinds of ideas. From vases to propagation sets, seeds, tools, …

3-in-1 Soil Moisture Meter

The Sill’s clever Soil Moisture Meter takes the guesswork out of watering and caring for plants. Using two 20cm probes and a light sensor with three calibration tables, the meter accurately tests the moisture, pH value and light level on flora growing both inside and outside. This handy tool helps prevent overwatering or over-exposure to sunlight, ensuring happy and healthy plants.

Gardening Apron

Founded back in 1649, Fiskars makes some of the world’s best gardening tools, but just recently released its first-ever collection of gardening apparel and accessories. The range—made in collaboration with fashion/textile designer Maria Korkeila—features many covetable items, from gilets to carry-alls, but our pick is the apron. Made from remarkably lightweight but abrasion-resistant nylon, this garment boasts several other features. With two chest pockets and …