Holiday Gift Guides 2021: $25 and Under

Starting at just a few dollars, more affordable presents for all occasions

Whether it’s shopping for family members, buying for friends, taking part in gift exchanges with colleagues, mailing presents across the world, attending festive parties, hosting dinners or traveling, the expense of the holiday season adds up. It’s just as important for everyone to feel comfortable and secure during this time as it is to try to bring joy to those around us. With that in …

On the Necessity of Gardening: An ABC of Art, Botany and Cultivation

Edited by Laurie Cluitmans and published by Valiz, On the Necessity of Gardening explores gardening through social, cultural, political and historical perspectives. Organized as an abecedarium (a written work consisting of the letters of an alphabet, in order) the book traces the ways that gardens—once perceived in medieval times to be sites of paradise—became, by the 18th century, spaces of power and politics. This tale …

Terrazzo Plantable Candle

Aiming to produce a zero-waste candle, Austin-based Esker created this multi-purpose iteration. The brand’s Terrazzo Plantable Candle includes a seed paper embedded with herb seeds and a soil pod, so once the candle has been burned, the vessel becomes home to a plant. Before that though, the hand-poured soy wax—with notes of woody palo santo, rose and cedar—promises 65 to 75 hours of burn time.