Bloom Necklace

From the Philadelphia-based brand Picnic, helmed by designer Chloe Keene, the Bloom Necklace combines fine jewelry with playful, cartoonish elements. Crafted from sterling silver, the flower-shaped pendant features simulated aquamarine, pink tourmaline, golden topaz and a lab-grown white sapphire on each petal.

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World’s First Vaccine for Honeybees Approved The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has made a significant advancement in the mission to save honeybees and will be using the world’s first vaccine produced to protect the insects from American foulbrood disease. Caused by the bacterium Paenibacillus larvae, it’s a fatal disease for bees that’s easily spread between hives and has been devastating for honeybee colonies. Developed …

Scientists Discover Gemstones on Mars

Researchers at Arizona State University working with NASA-affiliated scientists have found that the surface of Mars houses a supply of opal. The semi-precious gemstones form when silica dissolves in water—a process that suggests the region may have once held far more water than we believe. Since water and silica can be separated, the existence of opals also acts as a possible future water source, supporting the …