Link About It: This Week’s Picks

The potential of prickly pear cactus, a mummified dinosaur, floating farms and more

Insights From Rare Mummified Dinosaur Skin Insights into the Mesozoic era usually come from fossilized bones, making the preserved skin of “Dakota”—a duck-billed dinosaur from an Edmontosaurus specimen—particularly rare. The finding, discovered in South Dakota in 1999, is uncommon because skin is trickier than bones to preserve but new research makes the discovery even more peculiar. Previously, scientists believed that preserved soft tissue had to …


Named for a commonly used slogan in the Kurdish independence movement, “WOMAN LIFE FREEDOM” by Iranian-Dutch artist SEVDALIZA is a sparse, moving piece that expresses her support for oppressed women all over the world—specifically in Iran. The Tehran-born, Rotterdam-based singer-songwriter says in a statement, “I stand proud as an Iranian woman and I am supporting the fight of my sisters who shed their blood, hair, …

Men Explain Things to Me

Writer, historian and activist Rebecca Solnit’s Men Explain Things to Me captures the gender dynamics that haunt conversations between men and women. With acuity and humor, Solnit delves into mansplaining, why it occurs and the continuing pertinence of resisting misogyny wherever it arises. This updated edition comprises seven sharp essays.