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Great Wall of China Underwater

In 1977 the Chinese government evacuated Xichengyu Village, destroyed its buildings and intentionally flooded the nearby valley in order to create the Panjiakou Reservoir. Thus, a new source of drinking water was …

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Mongolia’s New Postal System

The Mongol post has several hurdles to jump over in order to deliver mail: a quarter of the country’s population is nomadic, roads rarely have well-known names, and the country is huge …

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The World’s Saddest-Sounding Spots

Funny new Instagram account @SadTopographies offers daily Google Maps snapshots of “some where to go, when you’re feeling low.” The two-week-old account is the brainchild of Australian artist Damien Rudd, who came …

My Travels World Map


Help mini globetrotters keep a physical record of their childhood travel with this My Travels World Map from Children Inspire Design. Kids gain a global perspective, as they use stickers to document …