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You Are Here: Mapping The Pyschogeography of NYC

The neurotic nuances of New Yorkers in a series of interpretive maps


New Yorkers’ famously overwrought personalities take center stage in the new exhibit You Are Here: Mapping The Pyschogeography of New York City, guest-curated by “The Map as Art” author Katharine Harmon. Currently on display at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery, the show includes an assortment of map-based mediums, each charting NYC through subjective representations of the cityscape.


Highlights include Liz Hickok‘s 3D Jello-like vision of lower Manhattan, a scratch-and-sniff map made by Edible Geography‘s Nicola Twilley, and Ingrid Burrington‘s “Loneliness Map”—a continuation of her study on Craigslist’s Missed Connections.


Also on display, a selection of personal maps are the result of an open call by the Hand Drawn Map Association, such as Janine Nichols’ map (above, left) from 1980.


Both Pakistani artist Asma Ahmed Shikoh’s subway map in Urdu and Maira Kalman and Rick Meyerowitz’s now-famous post-9/11 cover for The New Yorker are included as well.

youherepakistan.jpg youherenewyorker.jpg

The runs through 6 November 2010. For for more info, visit the Pratt Institute site.


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