Georgia Anne Muldrow feat. Josef Leimberg: Nuke’s Blues

From the upcoming Sun Ra tribute album Nuclear War (set for release 26 May) comes Georgia Anne Muldrow’s “Nuke’s Blues,” featuring trumpet player Josef Leimberg. It’s just as beautifully chaotic and avant-garde as one would expect from a track created to reimagine and reinterpret music from Sun Ra’s “Nuclear War“—a song from 1982 that Ra wrote in response to the 1979 Three Mile Island accident, …

Hiatus Kaiyote: Get Sun (Georgia Anne Muldrow Remix)

A match made in heaven, Hiatus Kaiyote has been remixed by Georgia Anne Muldrow. With soaring synths balanced by a murky, squelchy bass line, the reimagined “Get Sun” sounds like it’s from another era—maybe another planet. The super-funky rework will appear on the upcoming Mood Variant—a collection of remixes from the Australian band’s Mood Valiant album—which is set for an April release.

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A moody lament, a soulful psychedelic collaboration, an Afrofuturist pop track and more

Sevdaliza: High Alone Experimental artist Sevdaliza releases “High Alone” today, a moody lament that captivates with beautiful darkness. The synth-driven song incorporates elements of psych-rock—a genre the Iranian-Dutch singer-songwriter hasn’t ventured into before. Sevdaliza’s vocals feel especially dejected, with an almost monotone, impassive delivery that conveys a lot of emotion. The track will appear on her new EP titled Raving Dahlia which is set for release …