99 Cent Store Postcard

Vanessa Lilak’s bold, colorful illustrations span subject matter, but her postcards all depict couples performing sex acts in various public (sometimes humorous) locations—from a foot clinic at a strip mall to the behemoth Scientology Center in Hollywood. A graphic designer at Capitol Records and a freelance artist, Lilak creates playful works, often drenched in irreverence.

2015 Pick Me Up Festival, London

From dinosaur sculptures to illustrations of intimidating women, the sixth annual graphic arts event highlights emerging artists

This year’s edition of excellent London graphic design festival Pick Me Up had a slightly more commercial feel than last year’s, with a number of the upstairs studios and galleries offering multiple products beyond prints, and retailer Lazy Oaf showcasing its new collection. As the 12-day festival gets underway, we spoke with co-curator Karishma Rafferty to get the lowdown on this year’s program, and chose …

Print All Over Me + Jon Burgerman

A colorful collection of internet-inspired wearable art, from "like-worthy" pants to "attachment" bags

No space, whether it be blank pages, buildings or even a person’s right arm (for tattooing), is safe from UK-raised, Brooklyn-based artist (and CH favorite) Jon Burgerman‘s doodles and cheeky sense of humor. The playful artist’s most recent endeavor, the second half of which launches today, is an official clothing and accessories collaboration with Print All Over Me (PAOM), a platform that makes high-quality, custom …